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Partners Publishers represents and sells national trade and consumer media. We are an organization focused on bringing media companies and vendors together, allowing our clients to collaborate on their advertising and revenue goals through a central point of contact. We manage expectations and communications with a personal, consultative, cohesive approach. By providing our customers with the highest level of honesty, integrity, experience and expertise, we are not only a partner, but an advocate in the media industry. It is our mission to serve our clients better than any other sales organization in the market.

Promotion Design

Sales & promotional ideas for your business

Printing & Media Kits

Targeted media kits and promotional materials

Professional Representation

Motivated daily to make higher quality sales calls, and produce more revenue for you.

Comprehensive Reporting

Prompt reporting on the status of your account


Our Client Portfolio

Some of our success stories

Restaurant Facility Management Association
Trade Association
Loss Prevention Magazine
Trade Publication
Visual Merchandising and Store Design
Trade Association


The Partners' PR Team

Ben Skidmore

Principal, Media Strategist

Kristie Thymes

Senior Media Strategist

Andrea Quantie

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Enya Fetzer

Media Strategist

PPR Benefits

We're motivated to maximize your revenue

Motivated Sales Professionals

You team up with commission-based sales professionals, already trained and experienced in the market.

Client & Agency Contacts

A rep has equity and roots in the territory or category with access to contacts, clients and agencies at all levels.

No Overhead Costs

You have no office space costs; no phone or postage costs; no computer installation/training/maintenance costs. Also, no travel and entertainment expense.

Quality Reporting

Prompt and comprehensive reports inform you of advertiser targets and objectives.

Marketing Innovation

Representatives bring promotional and sales-building ideas to the table at no cost to you.


A publishers' representative offers you professional service plus cost savings. You profit as your sales grow.

News & Articles

Our latest stories and articles

Top digital advertising trends for publishing executives in 2020

It’s that time of year – time to close the books, conduct annual reviews, and plan for the future. When it comes to online advertising, here’s what publishing executives should be monitoring in 2020. Read more at:

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Top 10 Trends in Digital Advertising in 2020

As we approach the “visionary” year of 2020, we took a look at what the New Year has in store for the digital advertising industry. Here are key things to watch out for as you plan ahead and finalize your marketing budgets. Read more at:

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Media Planet: Print is not Dead

Everyone knows digital media has exploded and print circulation is in decline, but marketers who buy into the mistaken notion that print is dead and buried are doing themselves a disservice and missing out on a very real and, ironically, novel way to connect with their target audience.   Read More at

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