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Top 10 Trends in Digital Advertising in 2020

As we approach the “visionary” year of 2020, we took a look at what the New Year has in store for the digital advertising industry. Here are key things to watch out for as you plan ahead and finalize your marketing budgets. 1. Amazon Hits Its Stride 2019 was a phenomenal year for Amazon, supported…

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Media Planet: Print is not Dead

Print hasn’t disappeared, but its role sure has changed. Newspapers, for example, are no longer the cornerstone of marketing. Heck, neither is TV! People have more news and entertainment choices than ever before and myriad ways to consume them. Advertisers have to embrace an integrated content marketing approach. What’s funny is that print, once the…

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HubSpot: 7 Amazingly Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics

Lead nurturing is the purposeful process of engaging a defined target group by providing relevant information at each stage of the buyer’s journey. You want to actively move the prospects you’ve created through your marketing and lead generation efforts, to the point where they become paying customers. Some tactics on how to nurture leads are…

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